Shou Sugi Ban Siding & Cladding

Shou Sugi Ban Siding & Cladding

Meticulously hand crafted by skilled craftsmen in Dallas, Texas.

Shou Sugi Ban is an ancient technique for preserving wood that originated in Japan centuries ago. The process involves burning. cooling, and brushing wood to give it a distinctive charred appearance and increase its resistance to rot, pests, fire, and weathering. The Shou Sugi Ban process is environmentally friendly and Matchstick Woods specializes in using sustainably sourced lumber and non-toxic/zero-VOC sealants.

Best suited for interior use or covered exterior use. Shou Sugi Ban crafted using the traditional Japanese technique. The outermost charred layer remains intact and acts a soft "sacrifical" layer which is designed to wear away to reveal a smoother charred underlayer when used on exposed exteriors. Used on interiors and covered exteriors the surface layer will remain intact.

SHOU SUGI BAN - Modern Series:

Suitable for interior or exterior use, the soft charred layer of our Modern Series woods is completely brushed off to reveal a durable smooth underlayer with distinctive blackened wood grain patterns. Our products come prefinished with a highly durable sealant available in many creative color options.

Shou Sugi Ban - Burnt Umber

Burnt Umber

Shou Sugi Ban - Burnt Chestnut

Burnt Chestnut

*Premium Accoya® Wood*

Shou Sugi Ban - Reclaimed Comanche


*Reclaimed Barn Wood*

Shou Sugi Ban - Reclaimed Clayton


*Reclaimed Barn Wood*

Shou Sugi Ban - Matte Gray

Matte Gray

*Premium Accoya® Wood*

Shou Sugi Ban - Vivid Grain

Vivid Grain

*Premium Accoya® Wood*

Shou Sugi Ban - Jet


*Premium Accoya® Wood*

Shou Sugi Ban - Sombra


*Premium Accoya® Wood*

SHOU SUGI BAN - Color Pop Series

Interior Use Only-- Sustainably sourced cypress is treated with shou sugi ban and vivid dyes to create a high impact wood accent. Custom Colors available, contact us for more information.